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The 2011 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics

Awarded January 5, 2011, at the 41st Winter Colloquium on the Physics of Quantum Electronics.

Ron Folman, Ben-Gurion University (bio)

For pioneering contributions to the development of the atom chip and for the application of material science to atom optics.

Randall G. Hulet, Rice University (bio)

For pioneering studies of ultra cold Bose and Fermi systems and their application to the understanding of fundamental processes.

Mark A. Kasevich, Stanford University

For pioneering contributions to the study of atom optics and interferometry, and its application to quantum metrology.

Ron Folman
Randall G. Hulet
Mark A. Kasevich

Kasevich photo copyright © ETH Zürich/Heidi Hostettler. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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